Monday, June 4, 2012

Tiger Moth - need bolts, inner tubes, ELT, oil press gauge,

Pins, Bolts & Tubes
The Tiger Moth is waiting for the wing attachment pins coming from England  ($50 each + shipping = $500) - the bolts currently on the Tiger Moth are unserviceable; new inner tubes 7:00 x 7 1/2 Dunlop  ($200 each) coming from California; and a full set of new flying wire-wing hardware attachment bolts ($300). If you would like to help pay for the tubes or pins or bolts, leave a cheque made out to the Commonwealth Air Museum in Jill Oakes' mail box at the Springfield Flying Club or mail it directly to the Commonwealth Air Museum, Brandon, MB and mark on the cheque it is for the Tiger Moth wing attachment pins, bolts and washers, or tire tubes.

Do you or someone you know have an ELT and antennae you would like to donate to the Tiger Moth?

Comm System
The Tiger Moth is looking for a handheld intercom and radio - let know if you are able to lend one for the summer-fall flying season.

Noel Smith, Quality Aircraft Interiors has voluntarily recovered the Tiger Moth's seats. Would you like to fly/drive to Portage La Prairie to pick up Noel's upholstery on Wednesday June 6th?

Seat Belts
The vintage seat belts need parts so the Tiger Moth will use modern seat belts for the first year while waiting for airworthy vintage belts - do you or someone you know have a set of modern seat belts you are willing to lend to the Tiger Moth for the summer and Fall flying season?

Oil Pressure Gauge
Thank you to Jack Saurbrie for donating a capillary-type oil pressure gauge, the Tiger Moth needs one more capillary type oil pressure gauge for the 2nd cockpit - do you or someone you know have one we could borrow?

The Commonwealth Air Museum will provide a tax deductible receipt for your donation!

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