Monday, June 4, 2012

Commonwealth Air Museum at Dafoe, Saskatchewan

 The Commonwealth Air Museum is a National Historic Site located at the Brandon Airport. June 2nd their three airworthy planes: Stinson, Cornell and Harvard, flew to Dafoe, Saskatchewan to participate in a ceremony commemorating the 40 people that lost their lives while training at the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Training Centre at Dafoe during WWII.

 Museum Pilots: Jim Oke flew the Stinson; Peter Moodie flew the Cornell; and Harvey McKinnon flew the Harvard.

 John McNarry, Past President of the Commonwealth Air Museum, worked tirelessly to get these three planes into airworthy condition. Peter Moodie brought along his amazing camera - some of his photos will be posted shortly.

\The Cornell enroute from Brandon to Dafoe.

Al in the Harvad enroute to Dafoe with the Cornell in the background.

The Stinson left Brandon two hours earlier than the Cornell and Harvard. The Harvard stayed back and travelled with the Cornell for awhile, and then went on its own, passing the Stinson long before Dafoe.

People came from all over Saskatchewan to attend the commemorative ceremony held at the original Dafoe Airport, which is rarely used today.

Thank you to the Dafoe Legion for organizing this commemorative event with the Brandon Commonwealth Air Museum!

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