Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rigging the Wings

 With Henry Riege as the lead and with a couple of helpers who had rigged other biplanes, the Tiger Moth slowly began to take shape. By the end we were within 1/8" - thanks to Buddy's hydraulic jacks keeping everything stable and Grant Pronishen's digital protractor...wonder what they did in 1938 without a digital protractor!?

 Maurice April brought in a deliscious pot of chicken-vegetable stew! Thank you Maurice!!
Sandy from the MS Group brought in a terrific batch of home made cookies for the crew! Thank you Sandy!!
 Buddy dropped in to see his jacks in action - this was their inaugral use. Although Buddy was out of town, Jackie was able to drop off the key to their hangar so we could borrow the jacks.

Harvey and Nancy McKinnon dropped in to say hi and within minutes were hard at work on checking out the engine mount.

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