Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tom Phinney, Tim, Henry Riege and Ted Hector inspect Tiger Moth

 Ted Hector and Gil Bourrier swapping stories of fixing planes in the bush together 30 years ago!

Ted Hector preparing new oil pressure gauge lines.

 Betty Riege checking out the Tiger Moth

 Henry Riege's brother and sister-in-law dropped by to check on progress. A steady stream of visitors drop in, including Sandy and Gerald from the MS Group who bring in home made cookies for the volunteers.

Tom Phinney and Tim, and Henry Riege did the final inspection and were really glad to know that Ted Hector was looking after the Gipsy Major 1C engine.

Henry Riege with Bryan Kirk and his fittings.

Henry Riege dressing the special screws used to attach the leading edge slats unique to the DH82A.

Henry Riege checking wheels & tires.

Ted Hector installing oil pressure gauges.

Rick Riewe touching up black paint.

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