Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spin Strakes, ELT, Gap Seals, Seat Belts, Weight & Balance with Don Hutchison

 Jill and Henry attaching the anti-spin strakes

Karl Desilet dropped by to check out an ELT signal - wasn't the Tiger Moth, it was an ELT in a neighbouring hangar.

 Robin Tripp flies a Tiger Moth in Ontario and flew in to do the test flight which was postponed
Installing seat belts.

Double checking cotter pins in the landing gear nuts n bolts.

Maurice April installing the incidence wire separators.

Robin Tripp made a pattern from the leading edge fairings as the Tiger Moth he flies doesn't have any.

Betty Riege helping with the rudder fitting.

Rudder wooden 'gap seals' covered with fabric.
Don Hutchison volunteered to do a new weight and balance using the RAAs digital scales, which are available to all local RAA members to borrow. The national RAA office also has a set they lend out to members across the country, for details contact Gary Wolf, RAA President.
 The British directions for doing a Tiger Moth weight and balance is to raise the tail 4 degrees higher than straight and level, and then weigh the tail in a sling. We used this method and then double checked our work with scales under all three wheels and the tail raised to straight and level.

Engine identification plate.

CF-JNF's new identification plate, hopefully the original data plate will soon be found tucked away in safe keeping in the museum - it's been missing since 1999.

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