Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take a Ride in a piece of history check out video at

Individuals interested in getting a ride in the Brandon, Manitoba's National Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum's antique Tiger Moth CF-JNF contact Harvey McKinnon ( Flights will likely be scheduled for early morning and evening when the winds are relatively calm. Rides are also available in the CATP Stinson, Harvard, and Cornell. See for details, photos and more information.

George Inman posted a video of his ride in the CATP Museum's restored Tiger Moth with Dave Gillespie piloting the antique aircraft. See Click here to view video of restored Tiger Moths first flight

Taxi Test & Flight Test

Taxi Tests have been scheduled for 7:00 am in the hopes that the wind will be less than 5 kts. Maybe on the long weekend we'll have calmer winds. Updated taxi test info will be circulated on the Jill's aviation mega directory, if you're not on that directory and would like to receive the info just email <>. The current plan is to have Peter Moodie and Jill do the taxi tests with Ted Hector as Co-Pilot.

Flight Tests will be scheduled once the taxi tests are completed successfully...and after the Brandon Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum decides on discussions: a)  to replace original brass cylinder heads with aluminium heads and b) to inspect valves to see if they are original 'trainer' valves and if so, possibly replace valves..

Meanwhile, Dave Gillespie has kindly offered to check Jill out in his Transair Tiger Moth DH82C - likely over the Canada Day weekend.

Spin Strakes, ELT, Gap Seals, Seat Belts, Weight & Balance with Don Hutchison

 Jill and Henry attaching the anti-spin strakes

Karl Desilet dropped by to check out an ELT signal - wasn't the Tiger Moth, it was an ELT in a neighbouring hangar.

 Robin Tripp flies a Tiger Moth in Ontario and flew in to do the test flight which was postponed
Installing seat belts.

Double checking cotter pins in the landing gear nuts n bolts.

Maurice April installing the incidence wire separators.

Robin Tripp made a pattern from the leading edge fairings as the Tiger Moth he flies doesn't have any.

Betty Riege helping with the rudder fitting.

Rudder wooden 'gap seals' covered with fabric.
Don Hutchison volunteered to do a new weight and balance using the RAAs digital scales, which are available to all local RAA members to borrow. The national RAA office also has a set they lend out to members across the country, for details contact Gary Wolf, RAA President.
 The British directions for doing a Tiger Moth weight and balance is to raise the tail 4 degrees higher than straight and level, and then weigh the tail in a sling. We used this method and then double checked our work with scales under all three wheels and the tail raised to straight and level.

Engine identification plate.

CF-JNF's new identification plate, hopefully the original data plate will soon be found tucked away in safe keeping in the museum - it's been missing since 1999.

Ted Hector leads Gipsy Major Engine Run Up on the Tiger Moth

Ted Hector led the Gipsy Major 1C engine run up - the oil pressure gauges now work, indicating 45 psi oil pressure within 2-3 seconds! 

 Adrian Meilleur moved and relocked the automatic stop on the door so it now raises 3" higher so the Tiger Moth could fit through the opening without scraping the top wing.

Tom Phinney, Tim, Henry Riege and Ted Hector inspect Tiger Moth

 Ted Hector and Gil Bourrier swapping stories of fixing planes in the bush together 30 years ago!

Ted Hector preparing new oil pressure gauge lines.

 Betty Riege checking out the Tiger Moth

 Henry Riege's brother and sister-in-law dropped by to check on progress. A steady stream of visitors drop in, including Sandy and Gerald from the MS Group who bring in home made cookies for the volunteers.

Tom Phinney and Tim, and Henry Riege did the final inspection and were really glad to know that Ted Hector was looking after the Gipsy Major 1C engine.

Henry Riege with Bryan Kirk and his fittings.

Henry Riege dressing the special screws used to attach the leading edge slats unique to the DH82A.

Henry Riege checking wheels & tires.

Ted Hector installing oil pressure gauges.

Rick Riewe touching up black paint.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day with the Tiger Moth

Rick prepared rubber bumpers for the leading edge slats mechanism.
 Sheila took her Dad, Peter Moodie to Lyncrest for Father's Day and they both ended up working on the Tiger Moth. Peter set off to find missing cotter pins and Sheila helped install cable guides, ailerons, horizontal stab struts, and the walkway!

 Rick finished up Father's Day waxing the flying wire braces - called Acorns on the Tiger Moth. Fascinating to see the how they are made like a puzzle fitting together 8 pieces!

Learn To Land Graduates drop in to see the Tiger Moth

18 people who were used to being passengers and interested in learning how to land the family plane in case of a medical emergency graduated June 15th and dropped in to see the Tiger Moth. Many had worked on the Tiger Moth while they were waiting before or after their flight training. Aaron, Luke and Matt from Harv's Air issued flight diplomas to all graduands!